Repeated failures did not deter this blind girl from following her dream

Sapna Bariya made sure that her vision took over when her sight became poorer with age. Born in Dhar village, 29-year-old Sapna always had a problem with her eyes and there came a time when she could not read at all.

She somehow managed to clear her exams until Class 4, as students at her school were not held back. But she failed Class 5 twice as she could not read the question paper. Sapna says she felt very ashamed but she loved academics and persisted. She cleared the exam in her third attempt.

From Dhar to Indore to Delhi

A local doctor told her parents to shift to Indore as there would be better facilities for her there. That changed matters as she got to know about Braille and she was able to learn the language in just 15 days. This revived her hopes of studying.

But the move was difficult as her parents had to leave her alone in Indore as they had to go back to Dhar to look after her three siblings. Sapna was homesick and cried a lot.

She finally finished schooling and did her graduation in political science. She took training in computer skills and even went to Delhi for a training program. She was determined to be independent and not lean on her parents.

She took the competitive exams for government jobs in banking sector. After three attempts, she was able to clear them and today she has achieved her dream to become a banker.

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