Motorcycle passengers more likely to suffer from traumatic brain injuries

A recent study done on 80,000 motorcycle drivers and around 6,000 passengers involved in the crashes in the US between 2007 and 2010 has a new finding.

The finding suggests that motorcycle passengers are at a higher risk of suffering from traumatic brain injuries in crashes because they are less likely to wear helmets.

The study found that traumatic brain injuries were the most common type of injury for drivers and passengers.

Even if the passengers wear helmets, they are still more likely to suffer from brain injury than drivers in certain accidents.

As per the research, drivers may have less risk for such injuries as they sit behind a protective windshield and have a firm grip on the steering column, while the passenger mostly sits at a higher position behind the driver with little to hold on to. This increases the possibility of passengers for serious head and neck injuries.

The research offers a new view on how helmets can help protect not just drivers, but also passengers during motorcycle crash.

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