Top 5 stories about the Deaf in 2017

1.Schools & skill development centres for Deaf

A positive step for the deaf taken by the government of Kerala, which will open schools and skill development centres , to improve knowledge and language skills among hearing impaired kids in the state.

2.Ola gives pleasant surprise to deaf travelers

Jeroz Nishanth Coelho got a pleasant surprise from Ola when he was planning a trip with his hearing impaired friends. Ola gave him a free ride making it a memorable trip for the deaf travellers.

3.TEACH enabling the deaf

This story is about how TEACH - Training and Education Centre for Hearing Impaired was founded with the aim of making a difference.

4.Public events in sign language

Another step towards accessibility and inclusion. The government decided to telecast public events with sign language interpretation .

5.Young innovators create device for deaf

Young scientists of class 8 developed a device to help the deaf . The device is useful for making their daily lives easier by making them aware of the surroundings.

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