Man ate coins, iron nails, weighing 7 kg due to mental illness

32 year old Maksud Khan suffers from an eating disorder known as Pica.

This was discovered when doctors at a hospital in India found coins, iron nails, a long metal strip, iron spikes, quilting needles and other objects in his stomach and intestine.

Maksud Khan has consulted the doctor as he was suffering from abdominal pain.

The doctors were shocked to extract around swallowed 7 kg of items that Khan has swallowed.

Doctors made a 10 cm cut in his abdomen and removed the nails using a magnet.

Pica is a medical condition due to which a person starts eating non eatable objects such as chalk, bones, clay, paint, and metal objects.

This is a mental condition and could be the result of depression as per experts.

Eating coins, nails and metallic objects can cause severe infections in the body.

They can also cause damage to the intestines and even block them due to their sharp edges.

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