Things you can try to achieve in your career before turning 30

Success means different to different people and in this 21st century, one doesn't have to get promoted or move up the corporate ladder to grow professionally.

Career advancement doesn't have to be limited to a salary raise or a better job title. Career growth can be more about learning something important in life such as overcoming fears, managing change, accepting mistakes and moving on and being confident about one's capabilities despite the criticism at workplace.

Some interesting career milestones to reach before you turn 30.

*If you got an idea, don't hold it to yourself. Share the idea with others - your team members, seniors, managers and boss. It is okay if they say no but do not give up. Be happy that atleast you tried to express your ideas to benefit the company.

*Speak up at a meeting which is full of tension. Be the brave person to shift the focus of the meeting to something better.

*Set boundaries with your boss and tell them what works and doesn't work for you.

*Help and guide a friend through his or her job search process.

*Volunteer in a professional association as it helps you to learn true leadership skills by managing and treating volunteers the right way.

*Stop or take breaks in your career journey as often as you can to understand how your activities in a day, week, month and a year are helping you to learn and grow in your profession.

In this new millennium, a fancy job title doesn't give you the power over others. What you build inside yourself by taking risks is what helps you achieve great things in your life and career.

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