Obsessed with taking selfies? You may be mentally ill according to a new study

Are you obsessed with taking pictures of your every movement? Well, you suffer from 'selfitis' and scientists are calling it a genuine mental condition. They say people who need to constantly share pictures of themselves on social media may actually need help.

Joint study by India and United Kingdom

The study has been done by researchers at a United Kingdom university and the Thiagarajar School of Management in India. They have even developed a scale to assess just how serious each case is, as has also been done in the case of mental health conditions like anxiety and depression.

The scale was developed using focus groups of people based in India. That's because India has the most Facebook users and the highest number of deaths due to taking selfies in dangerous places.

Three levels of selfitis

The least serious are of those people who take selfies at least three times a day but don't post them on social media. If they post them, they have 'acute' selfitis. The most serious stage is 'chronic' selfitis, where people feel take photos of themselves and post them six times a day.

People who suffer from selfitis are generally attention-seekers with low-self confidence who want to improve their social standing by posting pictures. Further research will be carried out to understand more about how and why people develop this kind of obsessive behaviour, and what can be done to help those who are most affected.

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