Let me die if you won't help me, disabled man from Karnataka petitions President

Yet another instance of shocking apathy towards the disabled in India, this time from Karnataka.

Disabled struggle for basic amenities, 70 years after India's independence

In 2006, Hajaresha Makandar from Mulagund lost his leg when the trolley of a tractor fell on him. From working as a tractor driver, he was reduced to begging. He is not able to go out and earn a living and nor has the government provided him any facilities.

Frustrated and desperate after his application for a house under a housing scheme was rejected repeatedly, he has written to the President of India Ram Nath Kovind seeking mercy killing, saying he has not got any government facilities for many years.

Reduced to begging, unable to support family, disabled man seeks to end life

Makandar has a wife Asma Begam and two children. His wife is unwell and he says he cannot look after her any more. He also struggles to feed his son and daughter. Local activists are trying to help him. They say that government officials are not responding to his Makandar's pleas.

His application has been sent to the district collector, who has promised to consider Makandar's request for a house first.

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