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Supreme Court tells government to make public places accessible

The Supreme Court has asked the centre and state governments to make public places accessible for people with disabilities particularly the blind citizens.

The court has issued a set of guidelines and orders that need to be followed in the social set up of the country to promote inclusion.

60-70 million disabled people in India

The court observed that there are around 60-70 million disabled people in India and government buildings and educational institutions should be accessible for them.

The number of visually impaired people is almost half of the disabled community in the country.

The court said that disability should not be treated as abnormality in the society.

People with disabilities have the right to equal opportunities in education and employment just like other people.

Inclusion is must for equality

Inclusion is a must and should be created at all levels and aspects of social and economic structure of the country.

Accessible buildings and public places is the first step towards creating an inclusive environment.

Buildings should be made compatible with the needs of people with disabilities.

Facilities like accessible class rooms, library, bathrooms, ramps, lifts can be added to buildings for the use of people with physical disabilities.

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