Got joint pain? Know how to manage it this winter season

Due to the low temperatures in winters, muscle tissues expand and possibly cause pressure on the joints.

Joint irritation, stiffness and swelling more common in winters

Here are some easy lifestyle tips to avoid joint pain this winter.

*Regular exercise can reduce stiffness, pain and improve overall health. Physical therapy and regular exercising can make your muscles strong, decrease your joint paint and allow your body to move better.

*Long periods of inactivity in winters is quite common as cold weather makes you want to relax often. So, it is important to stay active and keep yourself warm for healthy blood circulation.

*Daily stretching must be done to maintain good flexibility, prevent injuries and have a pain free life.

*Drink lots of water and eat healthy for good bone and joint health. Foods and supplements having Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin K and Vitamin C, vitamin D or fish oil, Milk, yogurt, cheddar cheese, strawberries, kiwi, pineapple, cantaloupe, eggs and oily fish are known to provide relief from the pain.

*If the joints or muscle pain continues, it is better to see a doctor or a specialist and get the right treatment to manage all types of pain.

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