Aadhaar fails over 50,000 disabled, elderly in Uttarakhand for over a year

The pensions of more than 53,000 people has been stopped in the state of Uttarakhand due to the lack of Aadhaar cards.

Yet another instance of exclusion under Aadhaar

The 53,000 people include those people with disabilities, the elderly and widows. They were dependent on the monthly amount of Rs 1,000 that has now come to a stop, leaving them totally stranded.

They have been unable to get registered for Aadhaar registration due to the limitations of the biometric identification system on which the ID is based.

Biometric ID system often fails when it comes to the needs of the disabled

There have been many such instances where the disabled and elderly fail at trying to register themselves through fingerprints and iris scan even after several attempts.

The pensions were stopped on the basis of a government notice that was issued on 25 June 2016. It has been over a year and thousands of senior citizens, widows and people with disabilities have not been given their monthly pensions.

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