Research shows that part of the brain can be stimulated to improve behaviour in kids with autism

Scientists in the United States say there is a part of the brain that can be stimulated to correct social impairments in children with autism.

Brain zapping may improve aspects of social behaviour in kids with autism

This is the first time that evidence has been given that a specific part of the cerebellum, located near the brain stem, is key for autistic behaviours. Until now, it was only thought to have a role in coordinating movement.

It also establishes a more accessible target for brain stimulation. While this approach will not cure the underlying genetic cause of autism in a person, it can improve social issues in children with autism and improve quality of life.

Technique will not take away genetic causes of autism but will improve quality of life

The technique has been conducted on mice and will be checked to see if its safe to conduct on kids. Doctors have applied techniques intervening in the cerebellum for disorders like schizophrenia, but it has not been studied in children with autism.

Most of the focus of autism research has been on the cortex, a region of the brain associated with reasoning.

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