Awesome tips to organise your backpack for a long-distance road journey

A backpack is needed for long road trips as it helps you to keep all the important items in place.

In order to make the most of your road trip, here are some tips to organise your backpack.

*Use the bottom left pocket of the backpack to keep your water bottle. Water is important to keep you alert and hydrated on any road trip.

*Keep the first aid kit on the top left pocket of the backpack so that items can be accessed quickly in road emergencies. Items can include plasters, sanitizer, painkillers, medicines, burn cream, earbuds and others.

*Use secondary compartment of the backpack to insert things like toothbrush, face wash, toothpaste, hand cream, lotions, raincoat and a jersey.

*Make sure to keep a set of shorts and t-shirts in the main compartment of the backpack to protect you against any skin issues.

*Top right position of the backpack is used to keep your mobile, music device, charger, wallet and a book with emergency numbers.

*Bottom right pocket can be used to keep snacks like dry fruits, peanuts, energy bars.

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