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Deaf bank employees cite lack of education, poor training as major barriers

A first of its kind nationwide study among deaf and speech-impaired bank employees has underlined some of the problems they run into in their careers. The biggest is the lack of quality education facility. This means better schooling facilities and college education that will enable them to live independently.

First nationwide study done among deaf, speech impaired bank workers

The study, done experts from the National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research, suggests that separate training programmes for the deaf should be designed and these should be conducted by teachers using sign language.

The findings of the study have been submitted to the National Institute for Speech and Hearing so it can hopefully lead to an improvement in the opportunities for the deaf and speech-impaired.

The study involved answering a questionnaire of 16 questions and these were answered by 56 bank employees of 16 organisations across India. Most of them were from Maharashtra and Karnataka, while the rest were from Punjab, Gujarat, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Chennai, West Bengal and Chhattisgarh. Two of them were managers, 14 deputy managers, 24 clerks, 3 peons and 13 were single window operators.

Study highlights isolation & apathy faced in the workplace

feeling isolated at work. They also said they do not get as many opportunities to grow as the others. There are also no deaf instructors available to train them and no dedicated training programs for them in banks. They are not even included in most of the training programmes which affects their career growth. They are also forced to put in longer hours as compared to others.

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