Disabled person refused separate parking facility at Chennai station, alleges he was humiliated

In an incident that highlights the insensitive treatment given to the disabled, a 42-year-old man with cerebral palsy has alleged that he was humiliated by railway officials at the Central station when he tried to submit a request for parking space for the disabled.

An inquiry has been launched with the station director after he filed a complaint. Rajiv Rajan, an activist who has cerebral palsy and faces mobility issues, could not park his vehicle at the Central station premises. So he put in a request asking for a spot for the disabled.

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Rajan says that the station manager refused to listen and shouted at him to leave the premises. He says that he was forced to go to another room and lodge a complaint and was treated abusively.

The Central station director Sathyanarayanan was summoned and an inquiry has been ordered. Rajan has dropped his complaint.

Activists say that this is another instance of how poorly the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act is implemented. Its been a year since it was passed but many provisions are yet to come into effect.

Railway officials deny humiliating Rajan. They insist that they are setting aside parking space for the disabled near the Moore Market complex.

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