Over 400 people took part in India Deaf Expo 2017 in Kolkata

More than 400 people took part in the India Deaf Expo 2017 held at EZCC Kolkata recently.The festival included exhibition stalls, games, awareness programmes and a fashion show.

90% of the guests who came from other countries like Korea, Tunisia, Bangladesh, Switzerland, France and America, were deaf.

The event aimed to encourage exchange of ideas and empower the disabled audience to follow their interests.

Deaf biker Shinan P.S. from Kerala attended the event with a hope to create a biking team with deaf adventure lovers.

Pune-based Zamir Dale, the founder chairman of Society for Empowerment of the Deafblind, shared his inspiring life story of how he overcome his hearing and visual disabilities without losing hope.

Organised by the Deaf Leaders Foundation, the event was held before a film festival where 45 short films from around the world were screened. Many films were made by the disabled for the disabled and also included films from romance, comedy, action and other categories.

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