Study on career of Deaf and Mute people is an eye opener

Dr J S Saini is a professor and head of centre for physically challenged person at the National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research.

He did a research on the deaf and speech-impaired employees of banks to find out the main hurdles that are caused by disability in professional life of disabled people.

Dr. Saini has submitted his findings to the National Institute for Speech and Hearing – NISH. The aim of the study was to get information about deaf and mute employees and the factors that affect their growth.

Study revealed lack of quality education for the disabled people

As part of the study a questionnaire consisting of 16 questions were filled by 56 bank employees of 16 organisations across the country.

It was found that lack of quality education hampers the career of disabled people.

Most professional training programs are not accessible and this makes it difficult for the people with disabilities to learn new skills.

Disabled employees face isolation at workplace

The study highlighted issues such as isolation of disabled workers in office, lack of accessible training programs and lesser career growth opportunities as compared to other people.

It is hoped that the study and its recommendations will be to create a better education and job opportunities for the deaf and speech-impaired people.

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