Find out if you are ready to get married or not

Are you planning to get married and are not sure if you are ready or not? Then read on to find some tips that will help you resolve the confusion.

Ask yourself the below questions to know if you are ready for a life time commitment.

  1. Sharing passwords with your partner is a part of married life and it depicts trust. Are you ready to share your passwords?

  2. It is vital to be natural and comfortable with your spouse. Are you ready to fart in presence of your partner without feeling embarrassed?

  3. Couple are not always comfortable talking to each other parents. Are you ok with answering calls from your in-laws or your spouse taking to your parents on phone?

  4. Sharing money and financial arrangement is basic in marriage. Are you ready to share your money without getting it back?

Hopefully these questions will help you make up your mind!

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