Food cravings and their meanings

We all have food cravings now and then when all we want is to eat a particular delicacy or flavor.

As per experts, the cravings could be indicating some other hidden need of your mind and body.

  1. Craving for chocolate could mean that the person is bored or feeling low and sad. Chocolates are known to make people happier.
  2. If you suddenly feel like eating cheese, it could be due to shortage of fats and vitamin D in your body.
  3. Want to eat an ice-cream, your body may be suffering from an upset stomach or digestion issues.
  4. If you feel like eating carbs or foods like pasta, your body may be running low on proteins.

It is important to understand the meaning behind these sudden eating desires to stay healthy.

Eat a balanced diet and get plenty of rest along with an active lifestyle.

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