Alert from a blind woman ensured more lives were not lost in Mumbai shop fire

Thanks to an alert issued by a blind woman, more lives were not lost in the major fire that broke out in a snacks shop in Mumbai. The mother of 27-year-old Tushar Pawar alerted him after she heard a loud noise early in the morning on Monday.

The residents of the building rushed out thinking robbers had broken in when they realized that the snacks shop on the ground floor had caught fire. 12 people, most of them workers sleeping in the shop, died in the fire.

Pawar and his mother raised an alarm and alerted about seven other people who rushed out and were saved. The 12 people who died were migrant labourers. Among them was a disabled man, who rushed back into the burning shop to save his brother, who was also working there. Both were killed.

The business was being run illegally

Authorities now say that the Bhanu Farsan shop business did not get the required permissions from the municipal corporation. There were no safety measures or fire exits at the place.

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