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This international orchestra chooses to play blindfolded!

December 20, 2017

Dov Balu Rosen was a drummer with a prominent Israeli band. But four years years, Rosen decided to quit and do something new.

Now he is back as the founder of a unique music project called Blind Orchestra. He was recently in Delhi for a performance and gave people in India a chance to experience his magic.

The idea for the Blind Orchestra is simple. Except for the conductor, all members of the orchestra are blindfolded throughout the performance. None of the band members know what they are going to play next. Each member gets to start a new song, while the rest join in as per the conductor's instructions.

The player starts when the conducted touches him. When the conductor wants the player to hit faster notes, he touches the player twice with both sticks.

Rosen plans to make the concept global. He wants to see centers across the world where musicians can come and play together.

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