Simple tips to help people with dementia in Christmas shopping

Nearly 80% of people with dementia listed shopping as their favorite activity, as per a recent Alzheimer’s Society survey.

However, shopping can be a difficult experience for them due to various challenges like counting money, finding the right item, accessing toilets, finding their way in the store and worries about the reactions of the staff and other shoppers.

Here are some tips for retailers to be more dementia-friendly this Christmas.

  • Find an employee who can be the dementia champion for the business.

  • Give the needed basic understanding about dementia to all front-line staff.

  • Have clear signages to and from store facilities, which includes toilets, customer service desks and payment points.

  • Provide quiet space in the store for people to take time out when they need to.

  • Make sure all entrances are well lit and have a good level of light in the entire store.

  • Have in-house counsellors and private healthcare services for emergencies.

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