How to plan and enjoy budget-friendly holidays

As 2017 is coming to an end, taking a break from the daily routine and going for a holiday is quite common among many people.

Here are some tips to plan your New Year holidays within your budget.

*Keep a basic plan of your trip prepared well in advance. The plan should involve if the trip will be in India or abroad, whether you will be travelling alone or with your partner or family. Planning helps to reduce cost and saves one the problem of last minute stress.

*Know how you want to spend your holidays. You can even use the past holiday experience to figure out the approximate expenses for this year’s trip.

*Keep a check on special deals and offers on hotels, air/rail fares, package deals for couples and families as it will help you to spend in budget.

*Create a checklist of amounts such as air or rail fare, boarding / lodging, meals, local transport and other regular outgoing expenses.

*Get a travel insurance to be prepared for situations like accident, loss of baggage, medical emergency and others.

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