Air India does it again! Refuses passenger on wheelchair to board flight

Air India finds itself in the thick of controversy once again. This time a disabled passenger has alleged that he was not allowed to board a flight because of his battery-operated wheelchair.

Kaushik Majumder, who is a researcher at the Indian Statistical Institute, has alleged that he was harassed by Air India staff and not allowed to board his flight from Bengaluru to Kolkata on 17 December.

Majumder says that before entering the flight, he was asked by the staff to shift to a non-electrical wheelchair.

Majumder, who has 85% orthopaedic disability, says he agreed to do so and disconnected the battery of his wheelchair. But he was asked by the staff to remove all the wires too. He refused to do this as the mechanism of the wheelchair is complicated and no one would be able to fix it.

Air India has denied the charges. It says the passenger was told at the time of check-in itself that the battery-operated wheelchair would not be allowed on the flight.

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