BJP MLA calls Virat Kohli unpatriotic for getting married abroad

A MLA of BJP party has raised question over the patriotism of cricketer Virat Kohli for getting married outside the country.

Panna Lal Shakya is an MLA from Guna in MP and was inaugurating a ‘Skill India Centre’ locally.

He mentioned the recent wedding of the cricket star Virat Kohli with Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma that took place in Italy.

Shakya said that Virat earned his money in India and went to Italy to spend it proving that he is not a patriot.

The MP said

" After getting trained, you all should work here in the country. This would be the biggest national service. Otherwise, earn money and go to Italy to marry like Virat, enjoy picnic and come back.”

He also mentioned that dancers from Italy become millionaires in India and then take the money back to their country.

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