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Now the blind can 'see' images better on Facebook

December 21, 2017

Thanks to text-to-audio software, Facebook users are able to see the images posted on Facebook. Now the company has gone one step better.

New tool developed by Matt King, Facebook's first blind engineer

It is rolling out a new and improved face recognition service that will help users find out which friends are in photos, even if they have not been tagged by another user.

Tool describes scenery, objects, animals, & people in photographs to the blind

Facebook has not changed the facial recognition technology since it introduced it in 2010 to suggest the identities of people in photos. After feedback from billions of users, it felt the need to push its use into new territory.

The new technology will also helped people with sight, as they can now crack down on impostors. So starting Tuesday, Facebook will notify you if someone has uploaded your face as their profile picture. You will also be notified if someone in your network has posted a picture of you without explicitly tagging you.

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