She beat depression to become an entrepreneur, read the amazing story of Esha Oberoi

When she 22, Esha Oberoi, who lives in Australia, was at the lowest point ever in her life. Her wedding had been cancelled and she was in a cycle of depression and abuse.

Then two years later, she started working as a carer in a nursing home and that became her passion. She found that she connected with the patients as they were isolated and lonely.

This inspired her to start her own home care business called Afea Care Services, and to turn her life around.

She said she found the opportunity to heal herself by helping the vulnerable people in her community.

Afea assists around 500 aged and disability care clients in every week and has a full-time staff of 34 people and 300 carers. The turnover is $10 million a year.

Today Esha is 34, and her mission is to end the stigma around mental health. She is married, with two children, and says she felt successful once she managed to find her purpose in life.

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