Gangster Chhota Shakeel, Dawood's close aide, suspected to be dead

As per reports, Chhota Shakeel, the most trusted man of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim may be dead.

Reports claim that Chhota Shakeel died in January in Pakistan.

However, Pakistani agency Inter-Services Intelligence - ISI is keeping his death a secret as they want to continue using his name in weapon deals.

A Pakistani mimics Shakeel and works for ISI now

Shakeel is said to have been working with ISI for several years and had trained a Pakistani national called Rahim Merchant alias Doghla to mimic his voice. ISI is now using this man to impersonate Shakeel and make business calls.

Two different stories about Shakeel’s death

It has also been reported that there are two versions about Chhota Shakeel’s death.

According to one, he had died due to a heart attack. While the second story claims that he was killed on the behest of ISI as he was becoming unmanageable.

It is said that Chhota Shakeel’s death had caused Dawood Ibrahim to go into depression and he had to be hospitalized.

Shakeel is survived by two wives, a son, two daughters, and a granddaughter who are living in an ISI safe house in Lahore.

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