Keeping phone near head while sleeping can cause cancer, study

Most of us have the habit of keeping our mobile phones near us while we sleep. As per health experts this is an extremely harmful habit.

Keeping a mobile phone near your head while sleeping through the night can cause brain cancer.

A recent study claims that the Radio frequency waves that are emitted by the phones can increase the risk of cancer.

This can cause other health problems as well such as tumors.

In fact the radio waves can also affect fertility in men as they may cause low sperm count in men and less mobility of sperms.

Researchers have advised that mobile phones should not be kept near the head or in bed while sleeping.

The phone should also be kept away from the body during the day.

Do not keep the phone in your pockets for long duration. It is better to keep it in bag or purse or out on the table while you are working.

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