MP Sachin Tendulkar initiates a debate in Parliament for the 1st time

For the first time since he became a Member of Parliament, Sachin Tendulkar gave a speech in the Rajya Sabha. He had never opened a debate in the House until Thursday.

Sachin's maiden Parliament speech on poor state of Indian sports

The topic of his first speech was on the poor conditions of sports in the country, something that has been raised by many sportspersons in the country as well.

Sachin has a attendance record of just 8% in Parliament

Sachin became a member of Rajya Sabha after he retired from cricket and has often been accused of not being an active participant in the proceedings. He has a poor attendance record of just 8%.

Sachin's debate was, however, was cut short by Opposition members who started raising slogans against the government. This led to the House being adjourned until 11 AM on Friday.

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