‘Fog cannon’ trials started in Delhi to make air cleaner

‘Fog cannon’ is a new device that will now be used to combat the high level of smog in New Delhi.

The trial of the ‘Fog cannon’ was started in one of the most polluted area in Delhi, Anand Vihar ISBT.

The trials will be used by the Delhi government to observe the difference in pollution levels that may be caused by the use of the device.

The device is also called ‘anti-smog cannon’ and is made up of a cylindrical drum with a tank to store water and a high-speed exhaust fan.

The water is pumped from the tank to the exhaust fan which blows out water in the form of very tiny water droplets.

The water droplets are supposed to get stuck to the air pollutants and then bring them down to the ground like rain.

This method is expected to make the air cleaner and reduce pollution.

The anti-smog cannon will be used the whole day and readings of the air will be taken to analyze the data.

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