Know what face can reveal about your health!

Experts say that our face can reveal a lot about health. Here are a few signs to look out for and understand their hidden meanings.

  1. Dry lips can be are an indication of dehydration in your body. The other reason could be hypothyroidism, which can lead to weight gain, fatigue and sensitivity to cold.
  2. Yellow eyes are known to be an indicator of jaundice, but they could also be related to heart diseases.
  3. If you have polycystic ovary syndrome, females will notice an excess hair growth on the face.
  4. Red patches or rashes on face can be caused due to digestive problems.
  5. Eye bags and puffy eyes or discoloration around the eyes could be due to blood related issues.
  6. Dark circles are caused by lack of sleep but they could also be due to an allergic reaction from certain toxic food items.

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