Parenting a hearing impaired child

Communication can be challenging for the parents of a hearing impaired child. Here are few ideas to form a strong bond with the child and help him grow.

  1. Show love to the child as much as you can. Parents are supposed to love their children no matter what.
  2. Talk to them with a soft face expression and tone of voice. This will help them feel calm around you.
  3. Be consistent in your behavior as a parent as that makes a huge impact on the child’s mind. This will also help the child to trust the parents more.
  4. Be clear while communicating with a hearing impaired child. Your actions and words should indicate the same thing for better understanding of the child.
  5. Identify the problem behavior of the child. Try and understand the limitations of the child and what makes them behave in a problematic manner.
  6. Give your approval when the child is doing something right. A nod or smile can give that extra confidence to help make better decisions in the future.
  7. Keep calm yourself and do not over react in situations that go wrong. The child is learning from example that you set.
  8. Be patient with the child and yourself as well. Take a break and remember everything takes time.

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