Most popular celebrity brand is Virat, beats popular stars to it

Cricketer Virat Kohli has beaten Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan to emerge as the most valuable celebrity brand in India.

Kohli has replaced SRK a India's top-ranking celebrity brand

This is according to a report called 'Rise of the Millennials: India's Most Valuable Celebrity Brands'.

Kohli has topped the list with brand value of $144 million, followed by actors SRK ($106 million), Deepika Padukone ($93 million), Akshay Kumar ($47 million) and Ranveer Singh ($42 million).

This means that brands prefer Kohli as the first choice to engage and attract consumers, because of his performances on the field and his charisma off the field.

Some other celebrities who are popular are actress Alia Bhatt, actor Varun Dhawan and badminton champion P.V. Sindhu. They have risen in their rankings because of their performances in their respective fields.

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