Young woman in Hyderabad burned alive by colleague who was stalking her

Sandhya Rani, a 24-year-old woman in Hyderabad, has died after she was set on fire by a former colleague who was obsessed with her and had been stalking her.

Young woman was set on fire by former colleague

Sandhya, who was a receptionist for a company in Secunderabad, was on her way home from work when Sai Kartik followed her on a motorbike and stopped to speak to her. Twenty-five-year-old Kartik asked her why she would not marry him.

They were talking angrily when Kartik suddenly pulled out a bottle hidden in his shirt and poured kerosene on Sandhya. He then lit a match to set her on fire and drove away.

Sandhya died in hospital after giving a dying declaration to the police, in which she alleged that Kartik flew into a rage when she refused to marry him.

Kartik, a school dropout, had worked in Sandhya's company two years ago but had lost his job. He had been harassing her for months. Her boss Jagan Reddy had even tried to help, but Kartik did not listen.

Police say that Karthik had no job for the past year and had been drinking a lot. He had been pestering her to marry him and quit her job.

Kartik has been charged with murder, stalking and also under a law on atrocities against Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribes.

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