Tips to teach self-control to children

It is vital for the mental health of children to know about controlling their emotions.

In case children are not able to remain calm they can face problems such as ADHD, aggression, problems with other kids, academic failure, and antisocial behavior.

Here are a few things that can help the children learn self-control.

  1. Although it may seem difficult to make them sit peacefully, children should be taught about meditation to make them calmer. They can be taught to practice deep breathing and relaxation of body.
  2. Children should be taught to be obedient and polite. This can be done by setting an example for them by behaving in similar manner.
  3. Children should be taught to take careof their things. Give them responsibilities such as keeping things back at their places. They should be taught to keep their rooms clean their study material organized.
  4. Encourage good behavior and let the children know they are always appreciated.
  5. Spend time with the children and gain their trust by listening to them.

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