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Attending a guest with Autism : Few Tips

December 23, 2017

People with autism are not always comfortable in social gatherings.

They can become nervous due to the prudence of many people, noises and lights.

This holiday season we bring to you some tips if you are expecting guests with autism.

  1. Letting the person know beforehand about the gathering is important. People with autism are particular about their normal routines and setting. If something new takes place around them, they become nervous. It is advisable to let the autistic person know that more people will be present and food and music will be there.

  2. Check with the caregiver, if the person is comfortable with social gestures such as hugging or kissing or handshakes. This will help avoid any stressful situation for the guest.

  3. Also try and prepare a quiet spot in case the autistic guest needs a break and wants to sit in peace.

  4. Do not get upset aout the behavior of person with autism and take it impersonally in a calm manner. Be patient and give them time to settle.

  5. If you are buying a gift for an autistic person, check with their caregiver about their area of interest or likes & dislikes.

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