People with sisters are happier & kinder, says study

A new study says that people with sisters, elder or younger, are happier and kinder than others.

While big sisters can be bossy and younger sisters nosy, having either in your life is good for your mental health. The study looked at over 500 people between 17 to 25 years. The participants filled in questionnaires that were used to assess a range of issues, including mental health and their outlook on life.

Sisters encourage greater communication within families

Sisters are shown to encourage siblings to a great extent and allowed them to be more communicative about their feelings, which is good for one's mental health. People who grow up with sisters also seem more content. Having a brother seems to have the alternative effect.

Emotional expression, say experts is fundamental to good psychological health and having a sister promotes this in families. Boys have a natural tendency not to talk about things, while girls work the other way.

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