45 girls rescued from ashrams of godman Virendra Dev Dikshit so far

Another group of five girls has been rescued from the ashram of self-styled god man Virendra Dev Dikshit at Mohan Garden in New Delhi.

This takes the total number of women rescued from the ashrams of the baba to 45.

Delhi police raided the Adhyatmik Vishwa Vidyalaya in Rohini and other places and these girls were found kept as prisoners.

The police took action last week when many parents told the Delhi High Court that Virendra Dev Dikshit kept numerous women there against their will at his Adhyatmik Vishwa Vidyalaya Asharams.

As per reports, these women were called gopiyan, and had to wear pink sarees and white blouses.

The police found secret rooms in the asharams and other strange things as well.

The women have been reportedly gone through sexual abuse in the asharams.

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