Survey highlights how disabled unfriendly IT companies in Hyderabad are

Hyderabad scored many brownie points when it announced that it was setting up a separate IT park for the disabled. However, a study done soon after that announcement has highlighted just how disabled unfriendly IT companies are in the city.

Study by South Asia Centre for Disability Inclusive Development & Research

The research study is called 'Factors influencing employment & employability for persons with disability: Insights from a City in South India’. A questionnaire was given to 147 disabled employees and 53 employers of six IT companies in Hyderabad.

Most of the people responded saying that physical, structural, communication and information barriers for the disabled existed in their workplaces. 95.2% employees and 84.9% employers felt that there were barriers to access within the building like internal ramps and lifts with Braille symbols.

Barriers felt in access & attitudes among workers

Around 84% of disabled employees and employers felt that there was a lack of accessible communication networks and devices in workplaces like provision of text phones, type talk, hearing induction loop facilities and screen readers. There was also a need felt for greater sensitisation among employees towards their disabled colleagues. Around 88% of disabled employees said lack of positive attitude, harassment and discrimination in workplace was a major barrier

But when it comes to recruitment, almost 73% of disabled employees said they did not face any discrimination in the hiring process and 90% reported that their potential employers had made reasonable adjustments to make their job interviews easier. 100% employers in the survey said disabled employees are very motivated individuals.

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