Bengaluru techie goes missing after meeting OLX buyer

Ajitabh Kumar is a 29-year-old software engineer who has gone missing since Monday, 18 December.

He went missing in Bengaluru where he was working. Ajitabh is from Patna and was planning to sell his car.

As per his friends he was to meet a prospective car buyer who he had got in touch via OLX.

He was contacted by an unknown person after the OLX ad was posted

Ajitabh had posted the ad to sell his Maruti CIAZ car on OLX on Monday and had received a call from an unknown person who wanted to meet him to talk about the car.

In fact he had left his place to meet the buyer and never came back. His car has also not been found yet and his phone is switched off.

Ajitabh’s father is concerned that his son may have been harmed by the so called buyer as the car was expensive.

The police has registered a missing person complaint but no useful information has yet come in regarding Ajitabh’s disappearance.

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