Bengaluru is now the first city to get an official logo

Bengaluru’s official logo has been revealed, making it the first Indian city to get its own Logo.

The red and black logo is made partially in English and some part is in Kannada.

The logo designers said that they wanted to promote the concept of ‘Be You’ while keeping the culture of the city in the forefront.

The logo was selected by a panel of experts and was released on Sunday at the Namma Bengaluru Habba at the Vidhana Soudha by the state tourism minister Priyank Kharge.

The occasion was marked by much fanfare and Habba was held which is a kind of free street festival.

There were also other events held such as live performances, storytelling sessions and interactive workshops.

The Karnataka Department of Tourism under Minister Priyank Kharge, hopes that the logo will make the Bengaluru city popular as a Brand among tourists.

The ministry is aiming to use the logo as a means to attract more international visitors.

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