Disabled artist in Hrishikesh supports her family through her paintings

Anjana Malik was born without arms and has only one fully functional leg. Through her incredible paintings, she warns money to support her parents, paralysed brother, sister-in-law and their two children.

Anjana was taught how to paint by a foreign tourist

This 38-year-old from Hrishikesh started off by writing 'Ram' or 'Om' on paper and selling it to tourists on the road leading to a local temples. One day, an international tourist taught her how to draw and paint and now for the last two years, she sits outside the Kothari Mutt and draws. Tourists buy these paintings for amounts ranging from Rs 100 upwards.

She gets her painting material through donations. Because she sits in the open she has many challenges. Her paintings get damaged by dust, rain, passersby and dogs.

Online fund campaign to help Anjana & her family lead a better life

But she is determined to keep painting and through her brilliant colours she is showing how disability will never come in the way of her determination to feed her family. Anjana's story has motivated students - Kartikeya Sundaram from the G D Goenka School in Sohna, and Rohit Sharma of Delhi Public School, to create an online funding campaign on Facebook. The money will go towards helping Anjana and her family lead a more secure life.

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