Kids with disabilities, serious illnesses become superheroes in this adorable photoshoot

Children suffering from serious illnesses and disabilities were changed into their inner superheroes thanks to the photographer Josh Rossi. Rossi took pictures of these kids, aged between two to nine years, that transformed them into the characters from the Justice League thanks to costumes and special effects.

Children dress up as superhero characters they shared similarities with

Wonder Woman, The Flash and Superman are among the characters portrayed by the children suffering from different forms of cancer, half a heart, a double amputation and severe autism.

The United States-based photographer said that when they came for the shot, they were sick and down but once they put their costumes on, they started to have fun. He got the idea for the superhero shoot after dressing up his four-year-old daughter as Wonder Woman for her birthday.

Kids suffer from different types of cancers, disabilities & heart diseases

The photos went viral and Josh began receiving requests from all around the US for such photo shoots. He and his wife decided to use his skills for kids suffering from medical conditions as they are the real superheroes.

Like five-year-old Kayden, who became a double amputee when he was a year old as he had omphalocele, which caused his internal organs to grow outside of his body. To save his life, his mother chose to have his legs amputated. He played Cyborg because Cyborg was a healthy boy until he had a horrible accident.

Nine-year-old Teegan, born with half a heart due to a condition called hypoplastic left heart syndrome, had three open heart surgeries and a heart transplant which has now turned him into Superman.

Seven-year-old Zaiden suffers from severe ADHD and cannot stand still so was perfect as The Flash. o Rossi said battles it like a superhero.

All six of the superheroes flew to New York for Comic Con where they had a special meet and greet with the characters who they look up to and portrayed

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