90 year old Kerala granny is Wonder Woman & climbs into wells

Sreedevi Amma is a 90 year old granny from Kerala who is now being called a Wonder Woman.

A video of the senior citizen has gone viral on the social media showing her climbing into wells to rescue coconuts.

Sreedevi Amma has been doing the same brave feat all her life and her age does not seem to affect her at all.

Taking out coconuts that have fallen into wells is what she has been doing all her life.

Sreedevi Amma holds on to a thin rope for support and climbs down a well in her saree and picks up the coconuts from the water’s edge.

She then climbs out holding the rope and makes it look like an easy task with her grace and skills.

Her video has become the talk of her area but she is not much affected.

Her fitness is putting many young people to shame but she is unaffected by the new found popularity and goes about doing her work.

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