Rare muscular dystrophy puts no barriers on golfer Morgan Hoffman

With long hours spent walking, sometimes in intense heat, golf is not a sport for the fainthearted. Which is why the golfing world is wonderstruck by the announcement that Morgan Hoffman, a 28-year-old professional golfer in the United States, has been suffering from a form of muscular dystrophy for more than a year.

Muscular dystrophy is a progressive disorder

A progressive disorder leading to severe disability and in some forms, death, muscular dystrophy targets muscle and causes wasting and weakness. Hoffman was diagnosed with Fascioscaphohumeral Muscular Dystrophy, FSHD. He has talked about his illness in a newspaper and how his earliest sign of wasting was in his right pectoral (chest) muscle in 2011.

FSHD is a variation of muscular dystrophy that targets the face, arms and chest muscles. It does not affect respiratory or cardiac muscles, so it does not affect the length of life. But it leads to major weakness, and given that Hoffman continued successful career in professional sports is remarkable.

Golf requires core strength and careful coordination of upper and lower muscles, which makes Hoffman’s success remarkable and encouraging for others.

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