Legal notice sent to WhatsApp over an emoji by Delhi based lawyer

A lawyer based in New Delhi has sent a legal notice to the instant messaging application WhatsApp over an emoji.

In his notice, Gurmeet Singh has objected to the “middle finger" emoji available on the WhatsApp platform.

The lawyer has said that the middle finger is considered as an obscene and cheap gesture in India.

The presence of an obscene symbol on WhatsApp for user’s access shows that the company itself promotes obscene behavior, this is what the lawyer has explained in the notice.

Emoji are small image or icon used to express ideas or emotions and are widely used in instant messaging these days.

Gurmeet Singh further stated that WhatsApp has to remove the objectionable emoji in less than 15 days from the messaging app.

In case it fails to do so, he will file civil or criminal cases against the company.

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