Hong Kong based entrepreneur redesigned toilets for Parkinson’s patients

Emily Tang is an Entrepreneur based in Hong Kong and has made news by redesigning toilets for patients with Parkinson’s Disease.

She came up with the idea about the modified toilet when her grandfather was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2009.

The disease impaired the movements of Tang’s grandfather making it difficult for him to use toilet and go about his daily routines causing him to feel sad.

Tang wanted to help him and came up with a toilet design that can be used by both patients, as well as their family members.

The design is called Libue and allows users to sit without having to move around. It also has an automatic cleaning feature that ensures proper hygiene after use.

The toilet is comfortable to use and most elderly can use it without any assistance.

Parkinson’s patients can use the toilet with dignity

Taking help for chores such as going to toilet can affect the dignity and self-esteem of Parkinson’s patients.

The change in life style can cause them to get depressed and make their symptoms worse.

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