Mexican model with albinism uses fame to help others with the condition

Mexican model Ruby Vizcarra‘s fair skin may now be a source of joy but as a child growing up in Guadalajara, Mexico, she endured years of pain.

She would be bullied and stared at by classmates who would taunt her with words like 'ghost'.

Vizcarra has albinism, a genetic condition that reduces the amount of melanin pigment formed in the skin. Most people with albinism have fair skin and eye conditions, and they are sensitive to the sun.

Ruby Vizcarra grew up with no understanding of her condition

When she was little she hated the fact that she was different and there was not much education in her household regarding her condition. She is not the only person in her family with the condition but she had no information on how to deal with it. As a result she used to get painful sunburns.

When she turned 18, she began to read up online about albinism, and after a lifetime of being seen as abnormal, she decided to change how people looked at her.

She discovered her passion lay in modelling and she decided to show the world that albinos are beautiful.

Today at 24, Vizcarra is a full-time model and has started an organisation for albinos in her hometown. Its called Movimiento Albino Latino and aims to bring support to albinos and to educate others about the condition.

She gets messages from women who say that she has inspired them to embrace their natural beauty too.

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