Bengaluru's Namma Metro not popular with disabled & elderly

Its been over six years since Bengaluru's Namma Metro was introduced amidst much fanfare as a disabled-friendly transport system. Yet, people who are disabled and the elderly hesitate to use the service as they struggle to find a seat and even just to get inside the train.

The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. has announced that the three-coach trains would be converted into six-coach trains from the last week of January. The conversion of its entire fleet of 50 trains into six-coach ones will take up to June 2019.

People like Sridhar who use crutches say that there is no place to stand and that they are scared of being pushed out of the Metro. He opts for the Metro only when there is no other mode of transport. Travelling during rush hours is most stressful.

Those who use wheelchairs struggle even more as there is no space to accommodate them in the metro during rush hours.

However, the BMRCL insists that these are no problems and that there is enough space for everyone.

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