Early puberty in girls is linked to depression in teenage years, says study

As per a recent study, girls who experience the onset of puberty early are at higher risk of being depressed in their teenage years.

The study reveals that in girls with early start of menstruation cycles, there are behavior problems that can stay with them till their teenage years and beyond.

Researchers study the mental and physical health data of around 7,800 women who had their first menstrual cycle at an average age of 12 years.

The researchers also interviewed the women four times at four different times in their lives, starting around age 16 and until about age 28.

Females with an early puberty time had behavioral issues such as habits of stealing, lying, breaking into buildings and selling drugs.

The study has shown that there is a link between puberty and mental stability and behavior as it affects the females in a psychological manner.

The hormone changes and changes in the body can affect the mental state of the girls at an early age.

Researchers observed that support from loved ones is vital during the growing years.Healthy diet and lifestyle can also help fight depression.

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